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MF Ask 1: Piggybacks by Albo-Beati7
MF Ask 1: Piggybacks

One of the asks I got from my girl MonsterDerp
Got to more to answer from her and then one other. 

Didn't get many, LOL! The offer is still open for those of you who want to ask/dare my guys and gal (hopefully soon gals)! Just leave a comment on this deviation----> MF: Ask or Dare? by Albo-Beati7

I really enjoy answering these, so I would love to have more!


Demyan belongs to :iconmonsterderp:

Orochi and art are mine
OC Challenge: Day 25-26 by Albo-Beati7
OC Challenge: Day 25-26
Day 25: Using their powers/weapon/doing what they do best
Day 26: Reading

So, gonna dump a thing on you guys. As sweet and kind as Melon is, his species is programmed to do whatever it takes to survive in the environment they're in. So whenever they are faced with some sort of extreme (SUCH AS BEING NABBED FROM THEIR HOME PLANET, ESCAPING SAID CAPTORS, AND ENDING UP ON EARTH) they make themselves adapt. The need to do so is so strong, it overrides everything, including what could be considered their humanity (if you can call it that). They become can DESPERATE and quite aggressive depending on the situation, but it's simply them running on instinct. They really cant help it. 

Here's where the hand comes in. They lie in wait for a victim to pass by that is best suited to survival on whatever planet they're one and grab a hold of them (whether they are willing or not). Those spines you see there penetrate the skin and release a chemical that causes the victim to become paralyzed because a struggling victim is more of pain then they're worth. Once this is done, those same spines are used to sample the victims DNA, and the alien-merperson is able to copy the genetic processes in order to form the necessary parts for survival. 

In Melon's case, he snagged the "blue prints" for the formation of legs. This process, (Known as 'The Touch'), also involves a tapping into the victim's thoughts, allowed them to learn the language as well. A side effect of this is that the victim and the alien merperson are telepathically linked to a limited degree. They can't read eachother's thoughts, but they are aware of the other's location to a certain distance, as well as their emotions.

Overall, this process is quite painful for the victim, regardless of the chemical used to paralyze. It is also painful for the alien as well, in that the shift from one form to another isn't exactly pleasant. 

There's a lot more, buuut, that should give you all the gist as to why there are spine protruding out of Mel's hand there hahahah 

As for what he's reading, I'll leave that to your imagination. 

its probably something about melons or something

Art and character are mine

Tow Truck FunTimes

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 26, 2015, 10:05 AM
So yesterday, I'd planned on streaming when I got home and all that, but as you can see, THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN. 

Our family had a bit of a run in with some road debris that blew a tire and mangled either our oil pan or transmission seeing as there was some sort of dark liquid leaking from the car. I was pretty concerned about that since I didn't want the car to, ya know blow up n' all that. 

Let's just say it was a pretty rude awakening from the nap I was having in the back seat haha!

Anyway, we're now stuck on the side of the road on a busy free way and we need to call a tow. The first tow service was going to charge us about $300 dollars because no one wanted to come to our location and my dad is like "Forget that, Allstate" and calls up another company that would do it all for around $140. SO THAT WAS NICE. 
We were out there for about 2 hours until the wrecker came. He was SUPER nice tho, and made us all laugh quite a few times haha. 

We got to my hometown around 7:30 pm and went to drop off the car at the automotive shop...turns out the guy who runs it won't be back for another 10 days, soooo we're one car short. But we'll manage! The wrecker (Mr. Dennis) was kind enough to drop us off at our house. 

Needless to say, I was quite tired and just ended up going to bed. But all in all, it wasn't too horrid. I'm thankful that I still have my family and that no one was hurt! So that was a true blessing!

Just wanted to give a head up on what happened for those of you who were interested to know!

Perhaps I shall stream on Thursday! Since I'll be off :D

God Bless!

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